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Porta Filter

Hydropower has been a well known source for supply of oil transfer and filteration unit.

Standard oil transfer and filteration unit or Porta Filter produced by us is a very compact and useful equipment for industry with hydraulic operated machinery.

Porta Filter helps easy & faster transfer of clean oil from barrel to machine reservoir or vice versa without wastage of oil and less time consumption compared to manual filling & removal of oil.

As the equipment runs on a 220V supply, it can be easily connected to any 220V power source commonly available on shop floor. Due to its compactness and light weight, it is easily movable from place to place as it comes mounted on wheels.

Owing to its simplicity of construction, it can be easily handled by shop floor/maintenance personnel with low skills for topping up of oil level in machines periodically.

DOL starter mounted on the equipment makes it convenient to operate the equipment locally by the operator without involvement of electrical personnel in day to day operation. Choices of various filteration ratings, dirt holding capacities and progressive filteration are available from Hydropower.

Hydropower also undertakes design and manufacture of special Porta Filters to meet any specific requirement of the customers.

Porta filter/ Hydraulic oil filter is used to transfer oil from the barrel to the powerpack, this machine contains an hydraulic oil filter which filters the oil which is pumped to the machine.