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Blow Moulding Machine
  • Single & Multiple Heads
  • Lower Operational Cost
  • Wide Range of Machines
  • Suitable for Mass Production Wider Production
  • Capabilities with Complete PLC Control Programme

These are continuous type machines with hydraulic clamping and shooting unit. Extruder output is controlled by AC Variable Speed Drives. The compact size of the machine is an advantage for the small units. Suited for the production of pharmaceutical & cosmetic bottles and containers for paint, milk, gum, ink, motor/engine oil etc. Available in single and double station configurations with single and multiple die heads for optimum production of wide range of containers.

Our goal and commitment is to help customers achieve the highest efficiency and productivity in order to manufacture containers at lowest possible cost.

All our efforts, whether related to company operational functions or equipment design enhancement, are geared towards this commitment.

Our strength is the adoption of innovative technical solutions that provide useful benefits to customers.

In double color blow molding machine there will be tow extruders and two materials with different color will be processed. The parison is formed with vertical strips of alternate colors and blown to the require shape. The die head is designed such a way that the number to strips can be changed easily during process. The applications are in the field of fancy items. Toys, Balls, Parts for Toys, View Strip Containers etc

We can also offer you the complete turnkey project for manufacturing blow-molded containers. We have the total technical know - how & relevant industrial experience in the field of machine design, manufacturing, supply of auxiliary equipment & moulds. To suit your needs we can prepare the complete project, develop blow moulding machine, outsource the ancillaries and commission the project at your site by our best experienced team.