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Blow Moulding Head

Hydropower has applied severals years of experience in multilayer packaging blow molding and has experience in industrial blow molding to produce a series of simple and capable large part Multilayer Blow Molding Machines. The machines are simple in that they utilize multiple reciprocating screw plasticizers for melting and accumulation. The melted material is then delivered on a first-in, first-out basis to a simple and reliable side fed head. Precise ratio control of the delivery of the various layers makes the machines capable of equally precise layer formations for the most demanding applications.


Closed loop reciprocating screw units with L/D ratios 24:1 & 30:1 with direct hydraulic drives, bimetallic barrels and ceramic heaters

Outputs from 50 to 1500 lb./hr (20 to 750 kg/hr) or combined output to 4500 lb./hr (1500 kg/hr)

  • Parison drop weights from 2 to 75 lb. (1 to 34 kg)
  • Individual layer thickness contro
  • Profiled parison thickness contro
  • Tooling from 2 to 24 inches (50 to 600 mm)
  • Tiebarless clamp (option)
  • Programmable machine control for all functions with recipe storage
  • Direct force hydraulics for all drive, ram, pushout, and clamping functions