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Para wash is an equipment designed for cleaning/washing of machine components after machining before assembly.

Parawash is a very useful equipment for assembly and machine shops.

It consists of a tank which contains cleaning agent such as Kerosene/Petrol etc, which is pumped by a positive displacement pump under pressure to enclosed cleaning chamber. Cleaning chamber is provided with transparent windows for operator to see the cleaning process. It has also provision for the operator to insert his hands through the two openings in on the front side to access the components in the cleaning chamber for manipulating the components while cleaning.

This equipment helps to clean the components faster and without wastage of cleaning agent. As the cleaning operation takes place under pressure in an enc, thorough cleaning is facilitated.

All the dirt, dust & loose particles removed during the cleaning process is filtered through a filter and clean cleaning agent is returned to the tank for recycling.

Customized parawash can be designed & built to suit any specific application requirements of the customer.