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Manifolds Bellhousing

Hydropower specializes is design and manufacture of varieties of precise machined fabricated bellhousings which are used for integrating pumps and motors. As the bellhousing are of fabricated construction, even small quantities can be made available with least delivery lead time. Bell housing can be made to meet any specific requirements of the customer.

Hydropower has been a reliable source for manifold blocks. Both standard and special manifold blocks are designed and manufactured by us. Apart from multistation standard CETOP 3 & CETOP 5 manifold blocks, Hydropower also undertakes supply of manifold blocks for screw in cartridge valves, slip in cartridges valves, valves with non-standard interfaces & accumulator safety blocks. Standard components such as tapping plates, sub-plates, cross over plates, adaptors for stackable pressure switches & adaptor plates for valves.Besides, special tapping plates for accumulators also form a part of our manufacturing range.